Ideas into Products into Profit

The companies that thrive are the ones that define, produce and promote their products more effectively than the competition. Easier said than done, especially for organisations without the experience, process and techniques to help them do this.

ProductBox can help. We are a product management consultancy with experience of taking a wide range of products and services to market in a variety of different industries.

We can help you to:

  • Ensure that products are aligned with market needs - by ensuring that market needs are researched and captured in a form that developers can understand.
  • Speed up product development - by creating a structured plan for development and ensuring that the plans are followed - not just by the developers but by all parts of the company that "touch" the product as it goes to the customer
  • Test products with customers - and get better feedback by virtue of being a neutral, third party.
  • Launch products to the market - including the creation of customer facing literature such as brochures, datasheets or whitepapers.
  • Create web "micro-sites" to support product marketing activity and/or write for blogs and on-line fora.

The above points apply equally well to services but with one important addition: they need a rigorous service definition. Given that services are intangible they have an unnerving habit of stretching to fit the salesperson's needs – or shrinking to meet the service delivery person's busy schedule. We can help you nail down the "gets"/"don't gets" of your service and ensure that everyone is delivering off the same hymn sheet.

We can also help you develop and implement a New Product Development (NPD) process, assist you with industry analysis, product portfolio analysis, product pricing, business plans and strategy.

We'd like to talk product management with you.

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