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We build digital workspaces to help you and your organisation work more effectively, more collaboratively and more intelligently.

Get the world’s largest web company, Google, to manage your IT services.  Five million businesses have already made the switch including HMRC, Jaguar Land Rover and John Lewis.

Here’s why you should switch:

  • Increase Security – Google have a team of over 500 people working on new software and systems to improve security.  Protect your username/password logins with security dongles and keys.  >>> Google is Secure.
  • Fixed Costs – You’ll never have to listen to your IT supplier bamboozle you with reasons why you need another server, upgrade to a new version of something, or put up with any of that “Obstacle IT” thinking.  Its £33 per user per year – guaranteed.  Google Costs Less.
  • Modernise your IT – Google’s cloud services knock the socks off conventional IT.  Access your email, documents, intranets etc or have multi-way video conferences from anywhere – PC, tablet or phone.  More on Modernity
  • Change the Way you Work – Google’s services are designed with innovation and collaboration in mind.  If you are looking for an opportunity to change “they way we work round here”, look no further.  More about Business Change.
  • Its Low Risk – Over Five Million businesses worldwide have already made the switch.  In the UK several government departments have made the move as well as household names such as ITV, John Lewis and Waitrose.  >> You’re in Good Company.