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Google for Work

“The future is here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” – William Gibson

Over five million businesses use Google for Work but it still isn’t very well known in the UK.  That’s despite it being used by some very high profile UK companies such as HMRC, ITV, Jaguar Landrover and John Lewis.   We’re working to change that, one UK organisation at a time.

Google for Work can do everything your current IT system can do – and more.  It is cheaper and has a dead simple pricing plan – its £33 per user per year.  It’s compatible with Microsoft but you’ll never need buy any more expensive Microsoft software.  It uses state of the art neural network technology to keep your inbox spam free.  If you’d like to read more about the “IT” side of GfW, click here.  But if you’re more interested in people than technology then keep reading.

“Helping people to work together is pretty much the answer to everything.” – Mark Foden

GfW has been built with teamwork and usability in mind.

GfW doesn’t just mean doing the same things faster.  It can also get you out of outdated work practices such as the wasteful “4C cycle” – read more.

but it’s much more than just IT.   We concentrate on making sure that your staff can work as effectively as possible, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.  We focus on the people, not the technology.  Google makes this possible by managing the most of the technology in their state of the art data centres.

With “IT” the focus was always on the technology; with GfW Google takes care of the technology so now it’s all about the information.

Google have put 10 years of development into the service resulting in features such as:

  • Talking to your phone and seeing your voice being transcribed in a document on your PC.
  • Having a 15 person video conferencing call with some people on PCs, some on tablets and some on phones.
  • Having all your email screened for SPAM by a neural network that’s so intelligent that it gets featured in Wired magazine.
  • Being able to simultaneously edit documents with your colleagues with no need for Microsoft style checkin-checkout version control systems.
  • Having your phone alert you to leave for your next meeting a bit earlier because the traffic is bad.

You will never again have to listen to someone telling you that “you can’t do that because we’d have to upgrade the server”